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Measure time spent on daily tasks to increase profitability

Eylean Board offers passive and active time tracking. This helps to ensure comfort to any user. Easily assign work to the team and when everything is completed, measure if your estimations were accurate. Use tracked time data to transparently bill your customers. Present tracked time as a report which is automatically generated by Eylean.


Eylean time tracking
Scheduling and roadmap

Visualize and share work digitally

All your tasks and projects will be synchronized in real time between all team members. Get organized, track progress, report issues and analyze performance. Everything in a single tool for the price of one. Eylean brings powerful color coding for tasks, columns and categories. Colors help remember and guide through the process

No more tasks in Outlook or Excel

Eylean Board can import tasks from Microsoft Outlook as emails with full attachments, so you do not need to waste time copying. If you love working with Microsoft Excel, both import and export to your favorite format is available. Getting efficient is Easy with Eylean

Agile metrics and reports
Eylean Reporting

Make decisions based on data not feelings

Eylean Board offers 16 different reports to help you analyze bottlenecks and efficiency optimizations. See work that is late, is blocked or cannot be completed in time. Do not wait for the end of month to understand if you are going to finish everything

What have companies achieved by using Eylean Board

  • Increased profitability by using accurate time tracking and estimations
  • Increased billing transparency to customers with time sheets
  • Reduced manual work per employee every week
  • Reduced time of work completion due to digital platform
  • Reduced amount of emails and excel sheets used across organization

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