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Agile and Digital transformation

  • Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, SaFe, LeSS and general Agile templates
  • Easy to adapt and learn by non-IT savvy people
  • Burndown, CFD, Dashboard, Lead/Cycle time reports
  • Fully customizable task boards
  • On-Premise or Hosted version form maximum data security

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kanban board office
Eylean for manufacture and engineering

Manufacture and Engineering

  • Enable multi-team collaboration by using several boards in one work space
  • Keep track of your projects by importing tasks from MS Project
  • Review and update project plan by using Schedule view
  • Convert Outlook emails to tasks with attachments and full description
  • Email tasks to colleagues or 3rd parties with a single button click
  • Control enterprise level permissions


  • Quality gates compliance for IATF 16949 standard
  • Powerful work space structure enables large teams to collaborate in a convenient way
  • 16 different reports for progress, dashboards and analyzes
  • Process and board templates
  • Project management

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Eylean for automotive
Eylean for finance and operations

Finance and Operations

  • Digitize manual workflows with visual Kanban
  • Automatically see Lead and Cycle times, discover bottlenecks
  • Color code anything, make it easy to remember and understand
  • Plan resources with Schedule View
  • Import and export to Excel, task and tracked time data

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Industrial Services

  • Track time and make billing transparent to your customers
  • Visualize project tasks with flexible Kanban structure
  • See how easy it is to learn and involve everyone in the team
  • Use templates to minimize repetitive work
  • Transform Outlook emails straight to tasks
Eylean for industrial services
Eylean kanban board

Kanban Board approach

  • Make your projects visual
  • Measure Cycle and Lead time
  • Set WIP limits for throughput
  • Employ swimlanes for work separation
  • Use nested columns to fit any complex process

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