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Discover the difference that Eylean’s flexible Agile methodologies can make to your projects, large and small.

Streamline Your Task Management with Kanban

Eylean’s visual Kanban board gives you a complete picture of your project and where it stands at a glance. See where your team is at, prioritize your backlog, meet deadlines, share files, collaborate, and update project tasks all in one place.

Analyze Your Project Management and Progress

Eylean’s visual Kanban board gives you a complete picture of your project and where it stands. With all the raw data and Agile metrics in one place, measuring your project’s progress and improving your team’s performance is hassle-free.

Enjoy Seamless Collaboration Between All Your Teams

Eliminate missed communications with a tool that updates everyone, everywhere with a “sticky notes” interface that keeps teams on board with the latest developments. Give key team members special permissions for bottom-up communication that ensure Eylean keeps everyone on top of their tasks.

Automate the Tedious Process of Time Tracking

Make time tracking a breeze with Eylean’s quick drag and drop task card that tracks all time spent on tasks automatically. At the same time, you can view how well time is spent with dedicated Lead and Cycle Time reports to make smart changes to your teams’ workflow.

Integrate Your Preferred Desktop Office Tools in a Snap

Eylean’s smart integration tool makes it easy to add data from your favorite office tools quickly. Hate having to upload emails and multiple attachments for everyone to see manually? Eylean lets you do that in seconds with a smart drag and drop interface.

Designed to Empower Teams in Any Industry

“When will it be done?” – no matter what industry you’re in, this is a question that always needs an answer, and preferably in the next few minutes. The answer is simple: Get the best project management software for your team and choose Eylean to deliver a comprehensive answer.

Got Questions? Get Expert Answers!

Our world-class support team is on hand to help you make the right choice. Find out why Eylean is the right choice for your organization and discover its powerful features with a free demo.