Eylean: A Driving Force for Superior Productivity

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Time is money – which means your business can’t afford to waste time on inefficiency. Eylean boosts the predictability of your workflow, increases your organizational transparency, and helps you deliver your next big product to market in record time – all without getting bogged down in the details of multiple apps, paperwork, and micromanagement.


Get started in seconds by creating a visual board with our predefined Scrum, Agile, Kanban, or TFS templates – or create your own Scrumban process. Easy to learn, Eylean’s flexibility empowers you and scales with your business.


Eylean makes real-time collaboration simple by providing an accessible central hub packed with productivity tools based on the Agile methodology. Leverage Gantt charts to keep your team focused throughout your project life cycle.


Take a bird’s eye view of your project progress. Spot potential bottlenecks before they squeeze productivity and leverage workflow reports that let you and your team quickly adapt when things aren’t progressing as they should.


Information is power – and Eylean puts a world of analytical data at your fingertips to judge performance and tweak your approach on the fly. With over 16 different Agile metric reports available, fine-tuning performance is a cinch.

Smarter decisions, better business

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One Dashboard to Rule Them All

Stop getting lost in the stress of juggling multiple apps, boards, charts, calendars, reminders, spreadsheets, and mountains of emails. Eylean puts your entire project and its flow in one place to keep everyone informed.

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Maximize Productivity the Agile Way

Your business’ workforce is unique – unlock their potential with an Agile project management tool that supports Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban. Empower individuals to use their best workflow styles and benefit from their increased productivity and autonomy.

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Manage Better with Incredible Flexibility

Give your teams the flexibility they need to deliver; no need to lock yourself into Scrum’s strict rules or allow Kanban to leave you at the mercy of your team. Mix, match, and Scrumban your way to tailored success that delivers results.

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Eliminate Clutter and Work Gracefully

Assign tasks and sub-tasks to team members using drag and drop on a clean, visual Kanban interface that keeps your entire team in the loop. Break out into a full Agile sprint effortlessly, all while boosting your team’s accountability and reliability.


Designed for Big Business, Perfect for Small Business

In business, performance is all that matters. Being a small business doesn’t mean you can’t have big dreams. Eylean helps your business to implement big ideas that drive smart project strategies that enable business growth – and scales with you at every stage.

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Designed to Empower Teams in Any Industry

“When will it be done?” – no matter what industry you’re in, this is a question that always needs an answer, and preferably in the next few minutes. The answer is simple: Get the best project management software for your team and choose Eylean to deliver a comprehensive answer.

Take Eylean For a Free Test Drive Today

Get more done in less time with affordable project management for Windows that empowers your workforce – and enjoy the freedom to choose what works best for your business between a SaaS subscription or on-premises implementation.